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How to make a modal window on a PowerApp screen

Mike Homol

Mike Homol

Principal Consultant @ ThreeWill

Modal windows and pop-ups are a staple of applications. Ever just needed to quickly make one in your PowerApp?

Here is a quick and easy step-by-step for making a pop-up modal window on a screen in your PowerApp.

Let's assume we have an app screen that's collecting some survey data. Like so: Start Screen

It would be nice if we could provide a little more information to explain the Account Number that is needed.

Insert a new Icon onto the screen and give it the Information image. Information Icon

Select your screen and add the following to the OnVisible event:

UpdateContext({ ShowModal: false });
UpdateContext({ ModalText: "" });

Next, select your new information icon and add the following to the OnSelect event:

"Your account number is located at the top right of your most recent bill.",
UpdateContext({ ShowModal: true });

Insert a label onto the screen and adjust it's width and height to cover the entire screen. Name this label ModalBackground and remove it's Text.
Modal Background Label

Next, set the Fill property of this background label to RGBA(169,169,169,.5). It should look like this: Gray Modal Background

Add a second label and name it ModalBox. Center it's horizontal alignment and make the vertical alignment in the middle. Additionally, give it a Fill of White, center align its text and give it some extra padding. It should look something like this when you're done. Modal Textbox

Set the Text property of the 'ModalBox' label to ModalText.

Add a Cancel Icon to the screen and place it in the top right corner of the ModalBox label. Name it ModalClose. Now you should have something like this: Modal Textbox with Close

Put the following code in the OnSelect event of ModalClose:

UpdateContext({ ShowModal: false });
UpdateContext({ ModalText: "" });

Group the 3 new controls you have added and name the group Modal. Modal Group

Set the Visible property of the Modal group to ShowModal.

If you've done everything, you're modal should look and work like so: Modal in Action

This is a quick and painless process to have modals at your disposal in your next PowerApp. Happy low-coding!