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Mike-rosoft Learn Highlights for July

Mike Homol

Mike Homol

Principal Consultant @ ThreeWill

Like a good nerd, I'm a sucker for gamification and achievements in all of their forms. So I've taken to MS Learn badges and trophies like a duck to water. On the plus side, it's already single-handedly gotten me an Azure Developer Associate certification. So I'm giving back by doing a monthly series where I highlight some Learn badges that I felt were exceptional and deserve to be viewed.

This Month's Highlights

Publish an Angular, React, Svelte, or Vue JavaScript app and API with Azure Static Web Apps

Microsoft Ignite was all digital this year but was still pretty fun. It was like a giant Channel 9 event. In that event, John Papa did a great session unveiling Azure Static Web Apps. True to form, almost immediately after that unveiling, this little number showed up on MS Learn. It's great first look at a preview product, where Azure is throwing their hat into the ring with other JAMstack hosting services, like Render, GitHub pages, or GitLabs. I definitely recommend this walkthrough - it's quick, easy and free to try and you get a good glimpse of everything that's supported.

Enable automatic updates in a web application using Azure Functions and SignalR Service

SignalR is such a fun piece of technology. I had a blast building this one and watching things work. This is a methodology any developer should keep in their back pocket.

Expose multiple Azure Function apps as a consistent API by using Azure API Management

I have to imaging the Azure API Management can get pretty pricey so I haven't actually done any of this in a production sense, but the lessons surrounding Azure API Management are pretty neat and put a great bow on your API structure. But this particular lesson, which shows you how to pull disparate Azure functions into a single cohesive API, both structurally for you or your organization but also for consumers of said API, is really strong and shows you the true power of Azure API Management

Build a web app with Blazor WebAssembly and Visual Studio Code

I have high hopes for Blazor in the long run. The route of building WebAssembly is some pretty interesting stuff and this is a great introduction to the technology and nicely self-contained. Hopefully it will leave you wanting more.

New Space, Who Dis?

Mike Homol

Mike Homol

Principal Consultant @ ThreeWill

My journey with blogging has been a complete mess so far. But I keep trying, so I guess that's something. Like so many people, the busier I get, the less I think about doing this. But I want to make this a better habit because it helps me reenforce the types of creativity I espouse.

For a long time, I've used Tumblr, but that just seemed like I was taking it too easy. My alternative has also been to piggy-back on my company's blog - again, also too easy, and just doesn't feel like "me."

So I set out to finally make my own site, which could start to be a little more "me" and start to allow me to combine having my own presence and be built on the things that give me joy.